Transportation Planner

Company Name:
Fedex Freight
Move freight in a timely, safe and cost-effective manner. Assist others in understanding and utilizing all resources to further enhance the most efficient method of moving freight. Analyze freight flow data and make recommendations for improvement to maximize usage of equipment and driver personnel.
1. Coordinate/communicate all line-haul activity/goals in a region, utilize projections and allocate loads to drivers, route freight to save on-time and costs, handle overflows
2. Analyze freight flow information and determine trends to make recommendations for improvements
3. Effectively educate service centers and drivers of policies and procedures outlined in driver's manual while ensuring compliance of all applicable laws/regulations
4. Communicate with other team members concerning any alteration to the line-haul structure affecting their region
5. Maintain computer record of all daily line-haul activity, monitor cube percentage, service percentage, weight of loads and delay times and report to field employees/management regarding previous day's Line Haul activities.
6. Maintain contact with service centers throughout the line-haul cycle ensuring freight remains in cycle within designated lanes
7. Communicate opportunities to reduce line-haul schedules and maintain service goals
8. Dispatch necessary personnel to drivers in emergency situations, give alternate routes to maintain service standards during inclement weather
9. Analyze breakdowns to determine most cost effective and timely course of action
10. Service recoveries from purchased schedule delays
11. Assist with TCHEK problems
12. Comply with all applicable laws/regulations, as well as company policies/procedures
13. Perform other duties as required
Disclaimer: This job description is general in nature and is not designed to contain or to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities and qualifications required of employees assigned to the job.

o Two (2) years of college or equivalent work experience plus two (2) years of experience in operations, logistics/transportation or distribution/warehouse or a Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience
o Good communication skills (verbal and written)
o Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Internet)
o Knowledge of transportation software and geography
o Ability to make sound decisions
o Must be detail oriented, able to react quickly, able to prioritize, and possess good interpersonal skills
o Familiar with Federal Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and hazardous materials rules and regulations
o Must be able to work days or nights and some weekends
Division Category: Operations
Company Name: FedEx Freight Inc.
Transportation Planner

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